Software for measuring and coating of free-form surfaces

Camera image
for selecting the component to be scanned

1) Scanning the object

A scan of the component in the final machining position generates a 3D model of the component which is used for the planning of the welding paths.

  • Generation of a measurement file on the spot
  • Measurement file with all part-specific features
  • No CAD file required

2) Planning the welding paths

Planning the welding paths is straightforward as paths can be placed quickly and easily by mouse click.

  • Welding single and multi-layer surfaces
  • Variable path parameters
  • Adjustable tool angle

3) Simulate welding paths

The welding process can be simulated with your specific robot model.

  • Robot-specific simulation of welding paths
  • Collision control
  • Check the application amount

Welding process

4) Perform welding procedure

WeldFactory generates a welding program for your specific robot so the process can be started quickly.

  • Laser-Welding
  • Plasma-Welding
  • MIG-/MAG-Welding